Elizabeth: What’s Your Alligator?

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, it’s the beginning of a whole new year.  As is traditional, we’ve been talking here on the blog about our plans for the new year – whether they involve rigorous SMART goals or the more inspirational Word-of-the-Year.

For those who have been reading along, my 2019 word is Happy, which so far has meant Sunday mornings snuggled under cozy flannel sheets, afternoons curled up with coffee and a favorite book and, much to my surprise, putting about 5,000 new words on the page.

Well that was unexpected! (Not that I’m complaining.)

At Ye Olde Day Job, this time of year is both a time for nailing down yearly goals with their detailed measurement criteria as well as a time to indulge in the latest training to “be more positive!”, “increase productivity!”, “work smarter, not harder!” and the like.

Whether it’s “Eat That Cookie” positivity training; “Eat the Frog” productivity training, or “One Minute Meditation” stress-reduction training, every year seems to bring a new method with its associated book.  I’m not sure how much positive benefit we actually see from the exercises, but at least the authors of those books are benefiting. Continue reading

Jilly: Season of Fruitfulness. Again.

Season of FruitfulnessCan you believe it’s September already? Are you ready to put away your sandals and sunglasses until next year? Do you have a plan for the rest of 2016?

In the UK we already celebrated our last public holiday of the summer. If you’re in the US, you’re enjoying yours right now. Make the most, because when this weekend’s over, it’s time to knuckle down. Even if we don’t have to take in the harvest or stockpile supplies to keep our families alive over the winter, we still have that legacy of needing to to put things to bed before the sun sets on the year.

A year ago I tempted Fate by Continue reading