Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – Out of this World

I never know what is going to spark and idea for Friday Writing Sprints.  Today, it was an advert for a Solar Orbit Necklace from thinkgeek.com.  Not only is it pretty and sparkly, but it, “includes the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter

Who could pass that up?  My favorite line from the description is:

“For those who are about to complain that the beads are not to scale, here’s the deal: we wanted you to be able to lift your head despite the asteroids in the belt being visible. We think that’s a fair trade-off.”

That seems fair.  You’ve got to love a copy writer with a sense of humor.  I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of the beads being sized to scale. Then my mind started to wander off to Science Fiction and Fantasy stories, then off to space travel, and then in a multitude of random directions.

With all that thinking going on, seems like the time is ripe for a little Random Word Improv.

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Elizabeth: You’re Wrong!

As I mentioned in last Wednesday’s post, work on my current manuscript that I am supposed to be buffing and polishing in preparation for pitching at RWA Nationals has been derailed by a new story idea that is refusing to patiently wait its turn in the pending idea file.

Part of the allure – other than the “fun of discovery” vs. the “hard work of wrestling a story into shape” – is that it combines two of my current passions:  story and politics.

The heroine, a reporter, wants to cover the new big, shiny exciting story, but instead gets sent to the middle of nowhere to cover a political campaign that she has no interest in.  She and the hero, the under-dog politician battling to unseat an entrenched incumbent, couldn’t be more different.  City vs. country.  Democrat vs. Republican.  Vegan vs. hunter/fisherman.  If I was writing a mystery, one of them would likely wind up as a chalk-outline.  Fortunately, this is romance, so there will be a happily-ever-after if I have to lock them in a room until they can reach common ground.  (Note to self:  find room to lock characters in.) Continue reading

Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – Night on the Town

It’s late and I’ve been judging writing contest entries all evening.  At this point, I’m not sure if I’m in the Scottish highlands, a hackney workhouse, or adrift at sea in a pirate ship.  Judging from the blustery wind outside my window, I better bundle up, wherever I am.  Fortunately, I have a quilt, a cat, and a pot of tea to keep me warm while I work.

I’m hoping the weather takes a turn for the warmer tomorrow, since I have a fancy-dress work event to attend in the evening.  Navigating in high heels and a strapless gown is enough of a challenge without adding windy, wet weather to the mix.    Just once I wish the theme of the yearly event would be slippers and jammies rather than black tie.  I bet we’d all be more comfortable.

Since I’ll be wearing high-heeled sandals tomorrow, a pedicure is definitely in order; and what better way to fill the time while I’m waiting for my glittery polish to dry than with a little Random Word Improv?

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Elizabeth: Stroke of Luck

Michaeline talked about the intersections of creativity – all those wonderful and sometimes seemingly random bits and pieces that the Girls in the Basement send up – in her post on Saturday.    I’ll admit brainstorming explanations for one of her ideas, a gardener, who encountered a body buried beneath the forsythia, kept me happily occupied for hours this weekend.

Of course the last thing I need right this minute is a shiny, fun, new idea to distract me from what I am supposed to be working on.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I currently have an over-abundance of random ideas.  It’s not too surprising.  With all that is going on in today’s political climate – intrigue, collusion, unexpected developments, partisanship, protests – there is a seemingly unending source of material (as the late-night television hosts can attest).

I have overflowing notebooks full of ideas for stories.  I collect them the way my mother collected recipes and quilt patterns.  Like her collections, most of my ideas will probably never make it out of the notebook, but half the fun is catching them and daydreaming about their possibilities, even for a short while.

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Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – The Cinco de Mayo Edition

Another week, another Friday; hope yours is a good one.  It’s a day off work for me, which I can definitely use after the last day full of politically charged discussions and overflowing news feeds wedged in between an afternoon full of business meetings.

Adulting is tiring.

Fortunately, it’s not only Friday, but Cinco de Mayo, the perfect excuse for a dinner visit to my favorite local Mexican restaurant.  I’m sensing there will be both guacamole and a margarita in my future.  Before I get to that reward, I need to get some words on the page.  After all, the RWA conference is only 81 days away and I need to get this manuscript completed so I can meet with an editor/agent with a clear conscience.

What better way to kick off the day’s writing than with a little Random Word Improv?

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Elizabeth: Book Done Yet?

Before I get to today’s post, I want to give a shout-out to Eight Lady Jeanne, who recently said good-bye to the day job in order to devote all her time to writing, with the intention of publishing a trilogy of paranormal romances early next year.

Yay, Jeanne!

I’ll admit to being envious.  My fondness for shoes, books, and travel (not necessarily in that order), along with a job that has turned into something really great in recent months, pretty much guarantees I won’t be making that kind of life change any time soon.   I’ll definitely be living vicariously through Jeanne though, and cheering when I can finally click “buy” for her books.

Completing a book and finally being able to release it into the wild (aka publishing it), brings me to today’s post.  Do you find yourself fielding the “is your book done yet?” question from friends, family, or well-meaning strangers? Continue reading

Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – The Traveler Edition

So many desserts, so little time.

Can you believe I almost forgot it was time for our Friday Writing Sprints?  In my defense, I was traveling this week which has my schedule all out of whack.   There’s nothing like getting up at oh-my-gosh-o’clock in the morning to catch an early flight and then spending hours and hours in a conference room to leave you a little disoriented.  Or maybe that’s just me.

Fortunately, along with crowded planes and hours of meetings, my trip also included a nice hotel and several hours of downtime while I waited for the rest of the attendees to arrive.

It also featured afternoon tea.

I have a definite fondness for afternoon tea – scones, little sandwiches,  decorative desserts – what’s not to like.  To be fair, the desserts, with the exception of the tiny crème brûlée that is hiding in the back by the macaroon in the photo above, had better looks than taste, but the scones and sandwiches and ambiance more than made up for it.

Now that I’m back home, back on schedule, and full of enough tea to float an armada it’s time to turn my attention to getting some words on the page.  Sounds like a round of Random Word Improv is in order.

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