Jilly: Quarantine Bargain

Another week checked off the calendar. Another week closer to the end of this pandemic. Fingers crossed. I hope you and yours are safe and keeping as well as can be expected.

While we’re waiting this crisis out, would you be interested in a great read, at an incredible price, for a good cause?

Any regular reader of 8LW will know that I love, love, love anything written by the husband and wife team who write as Ilona Andrews. Their books are enjoyable, intelligent urban fantasy adventures packed with action, romance, mythology, humor, kindness and much more.

I especially love the Innkeeper Chronicles, a self-published series featuring Dina DeMille, the proprietor of a magical B&B in Texas that serves as a secret waystation between earth and the rest of the universe. There are heroic werewolves, chivalrous martial space vampires, fabulous creatures, smart magic, epic fights, great dialogue and lots of jokes.

I already own the books, but if you don’t, and you feel tempted to try them, you’ll never have a better opportunity. Right now the first three books of the Innkeeper series are on sale for a princely 99 cents. All proceeds, net of Ilona Andrews’ literary agency’s costs, will be donated to the CDP Covid-19 Response Fund.

Go on, try them. You know you want to. The Zon link is here.

I’m pretty sure there will never be a better time, a better price, or a better cause.

Take care, stay safe, and see you next week.

7 thoughts on “Jilly: Quarantine Bargain

  1. Thanks! Best of all, it was also on sale on Amazon Australia – because Amazon blocks anyone in Australia from buying ebooks from the US site. Usually the price difference cannot be explained away by the exchange rate, and many just aren’t available at all.

    Not that I need to add anything to my reading pile; I live in fear of an earth tremor 🙂

    • Excellent! So pleased to hear that the offer includes Australia. Hope you enjoy the books whenever you get around to reading them.

      It sucks that you’re blocked from buying on the Amazon US site–though from the sounds of your TBR pile maybe it’s just as well 😉

  2. I bought this set a couple of weeks ago when I first heard of the deal, because not only do I enjoy Ilona Andrews whenever I pick up one of their books, it’s good to support a good cause. Plus, the deal is spectacular! Like zuleikaa, I’ve got a ton of stuff to read these days, but my current book isn’t doing it for me, so maybe it’s time I start this trilogy.

    • I think you’ll enjoy them. One of the reasons I like IA so much is that even amidst all the snark and action, kindness is always at the heart of their stories. That’s a hallmark of your writing, too, which is why I think these books will be for you. Hope I’m right!

  3. That sounds like an offer I can’t refuse. And even the stories never make it to the top of my robust TBR pile, the Covid fund still gets so funds.

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