Michaeline: Prep Work

Two women with plates of red Thanksgiving food. (Maybe apples)

The literary feast takes time and love to prepare properly. It should neither be rushed, nor left to boil away on the backburner. Give thanks to our muses, and let’s get back to work! (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

This week is Thanksgiving in the US. The Canadians are already done and possibly have finished digesting their Thanksgiving feast, and I know the Japanese don’t tend to celebrate Labor Thanksgiving Day with food. It seems to be more about napping. But the Americans are going to be busy with prep work.

The bird should be in the fridge already, slowly thawing. The shopping should be done. Cranberry sauce can be done up three days in advance to allow for the flavors to meld, and pies are tastier when they are at least a day old. Thanksgiving Day will be a blitz of baking, boiling, mashing and mixing, but the smart cooks will be doing what they can now.

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