Elizabeth: Pre-NaNoWriMo Recharge

writing_typewriterAs Michille mentioned in her recent post, the annual writing extravaganza known as NaNoWriMo is fast approaching; thirty days of writing 1,667 words along with the existing demands of everyday life.

Sounds fun, right?

As with other goals, a little up-front prep-work can make the difference between a successful finish (however you measure success) and an angst-ridden struggle.  Or something like that.

Part of my pre-work has been getting the basics of my characters, conflict, and setting, nailed down so I have some idea of what I’m trying to write.  An equally important part of my pre-work has been ensuring I’m mentally and physically ready to write. Continue reading

Elizabeth: Blank Slate

img_0996After reading Jilly’s ambitious writing plan for the rest of the year and Nancy’s recent set of posts on creating and executing a writing plan, I’m starting to feel like I need to do a little planning of my own.

In all honesty, I’m also feeling a little envious.

While I spent a large swath of the past several months taking pretty pictures, studying Victorian literature, staring off into space, and turning myself into the economic impact analysis guru at my day job, many of the other Eight Ladies were busy putting words on the page.

Lots of words.

“I’m going to submit this manuscript to this year’s Golden Heart Contest” amounts of words.

That’s a lot of words. Continue reading