Michaeline: The Mobile Writing Unit

Taken May 17, 2014 in the library, Shihoro, Japan by Michaeline Duskova

Writing on the go — on location in Shihoro!

Today, I’m writing from location in the beautiful Shihoro Integrated Training Center Library, waiting for my kid’s badminton practice to finish.

We’ve talked about home offices before on Eight Ladies. Most recently, Nancy remodeled to reflect her new career goals.  Kat gave thanks for her tidy office last November. A dedicated writing space can be not only practical, but a real talisman. It says, “I AM devoted to having a writing life, and I make space in my life, my home and my schedule for it.”

But there are many roads to Oz, as Jenny says, and it can be very productive to have a mobile writing kit so that we can write on the run. Continue reading

Nancy: Changes Part 1 – The Office

A few months ago, I posted about my overwhelmingly busy life and my need to make some changes, to reprioritize. I had made a list of things that I considered my priorities, and family, friends, and writing were at the top of the list. Then I’d made a list of how I was spending my time, and all the top spots were filled by the same thing – working at ‘the day job’, which had actually become a day, night, and weekend job. So when I finally got a chance to take a breath, I started making some changes that I’ll share here over the next few weeks. Something I expected to stay the same, though, was my home office/writing cave. But all of that changed this past week.

Nancy's Office Last Week

This is how my office desk looked a few days ago. The desk is one I bought several years ago, when I finally decided my writing pursuits were worthy of their own space and desk in our house. It was fairly cheap and I put it together myself, but it was perfect for my needs and I love it. That shelf along the window is actually a pullout shelf to give extra work space and provide additional storage underneath, but that can be rolled back under the desk to save space. It was the best of both worlds – a space-saving desk with a pullout work station – when I was in more crowded quarters. Continue reading