Jilly: Brave New World

Brave New WorldWhat’s been occupying your thoughts this week?

Last Sunday, I reported that I was the lucky recipient of a Bolt from the Blue, a story idea that’s very different from anything I’ve previously tried to write. After a few days of dithering, I decided to give myself a couple of weeks to apply myself and see if I can make anything of it. I’ve learned a lot this week and whether I decide to go forward or not, I’d say it’s been time well spent.

Process-wise, I’m not much of a planner. I’d like to create more detailed outlines, and I keep trying to develop the knack, but so far it’s eluded me. Once I’ve got the central characters, the spine of the story and the ending, I find I have to write the first draft to get to know the main players deeply enough to imagine their actions and reactions.

With the new story, Continue reading

Elizabeth: Writer Identity Crisis

identitycrisisThis week it seems like I’ll do almost anything to avoid writing. I have a pending request for a full-manuscript from an agent, large chunks of commitment-free time when I could be writing, and a self-imposed deadline approaching and yet . . . *crickets* . . . nothing. I’m clearing out my office and deep cleaning the house – thinking, but most definitely not writing.

I blame it on short story competitions. As I’ve mentioned before, I have several short stories that I’ve been trying to release into the wild via submissions and competitions (no luck yet, but still working on it). Many publications I’ve targeted have been fairly vague in their guidelines, only specifying that stories must be “fiction,” but several I looked at submitting to in this current round were looking for specific types of short stories.   My problem has been deciding where exactly my stories fit. Literary fiction, science fiction, horror, fantasy, romance, I’m really not sure. Continue reading

Jilly: Writing in Multiple Genres

Not For Novices

Not For Novices

Do you read or write across multiple genres? What would make you follow an author (or not) from one genre to another?

This week I’ve been up in Derbyshire again, handling the final details of my mother’s house sale and thinking about the great discussion that came out of last week’s post about my home county as the perfect setting for a steampunk series.

Right now, my focus is firmly on finishing and querying my WIP, a 100k-word contemporary love story set in London and the Scottish Highlands, and I already know that I want to write at least three more contemporaries set in the same world, but as I was whizzing around the Peak District and dreaming a dream or two I Continue reading