Jilly: Working the Crowd

Working the CrowdWhat do you think is the key to a great group scene? Not an escalating exchange between two people with lots of others looking on and chiming in, but a genuine multi-character interaction?

My week has been a total write-off (pun intended). I’ve been wrestling with a key scene – not a turning point, but an important moment in my hero’s character arc – and I still haven’t nailed it. I whined to Justine about it on Thursday via email, and she suggested I should put up a big piece of paper, map everything out and brainstorm until it fell into place. Did that, which helped, but the scene is still in the resuscitation room. I tried reading around other writing blogs to see if I could find any good advice, but the posts I found were all about making sure the scene was clearly set so the reader could picture it, and taking care with dialogue attribution. Useful, but not what I was looking for.

I’m going to give it one more shot, and if I fluff that, I’ll move on and come back to it later. Before my last hurrah Continue reading