Michaeline: When They Don’t Deserve the Happy Ending, Part II

A young handsome man in a turban.

Jazzin’ for Blue Jean? Jose Rodrigues, self-portrait at age 19. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Today, I’m taking a good look at David Bowie’s 20-minute music video, Jazzin’ for Blue Jean. Spoil yourself, spend the time on David Bowie’s official YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXvAaNcXNzI and enjoy!

Or allow me to spoil you. I knew the ending before I watched it, and the short film was still full of lovely little surprises and layers. David Bowie plays two parts: an ambitious billboard installer who falls in love (hard) with a girl on the street, and a neurotic but fabulous rock star. Boy meets girl, boy hustles for the girl who barely acknowledges his existence, girl flits off with different boy who either 1) didn’t have to do nuffin’ to pull this bird, or 2) spent 20 years becoming a rock legend so he could whisk girls away with a simple “Come home”. Depends on your perspective, really.

Vic, our everyman, is really quite energetic. He spins a web of BS to the girl, the bouncers, the scalpers – anyone who might be of use, really – and manages to get what he thinks he needs to “win” – tickets to the Screamin’ Lord Byron concert, and even an aftershow interview with the guy. But the ending, where the girl chooses Lord Byron, comes as no great disappointment. Vic doesn’t deserve this happy ending, on a lot of levels. One, Continue reading

Jilly: The Big Finish

The Big FinishI’m looking for recommendations and inspiration. Who do you think writes really great endings?

I’m not quite there yet – ask me again next week – but I’m close enough that endings are very much on my mind right now. I’m not the only one: check out this recent post by 8LW favorite Chuck Wendig, entitled ‘Why It’s Important To Finish Your Shit.’

As always, Chuck is spot on, but this time he’s preaching to the converted. I’ve had my head down, refused some really tempting social invitations, haven’t read a single new book in ages, because I really, really want to Finish My Shit. I want to enter the RWA 2015 Golden Heart contest for unpublished romance writers, which opens for entries in a couple of days’ time and closes on 12 January, though TBH that’s just an extra tasty carrot to make me push towards the finish line. More than anything I Continue reading