Jilly: Make Me Care

Copyright: chepko / 123RF Stock PhotoHow was your week?

Last Sunday I admitted that I messed up the synopsis for my romantic fantasy WIP by getting so engrossed with the fantasy plot that I forgot to make it clear the story is a romance driven by a fantasy adventure, not a fantasy with occasional romantic interludes.

This week I learned the same lesson all over again.

I’ve been wrestling with one particular scene of my WIP. I’m embarrassed to say how long I’ve spent on it. First I squeezed all the life out of it by solving the big crisis instead of making it worse. Then I compounded the felony by writing (and rejecting) a dozen versions of the H&H wrangling about stuff that needed resolving, but not at that place and time. I bored myself writing it, so I have no doubt it would have been dull as ditchwater to read.

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Justine: Death, Dying, and Deep Emotion

emotion, writing emotion, character emotion

Me and my sweet pup, Dulcie, on our last day together.

Last week, I had the great misfortune to lose my precious pup, Dulcie. She’d just made it to her 15th birthday when the tumor in her mouth became so large, she couldn’t eat or drink. She lived an amazing life and I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful little doggie, but it was her time to go, so I had her put down.

This was my first experience euthanizing a pet. My family had dogs when I was a kid, but I was never there when they died — I was away at college, or I’d already moved out of the house. I was sad, of course, when these family pets departed us, and I had always imagined that saying goodbye to a beloved pet would be a very difficult, sad thing to experience.

Nothing prepared me for the raw emotion I felt when we arrived at the vet’s office. Continue reading

Justine: Showing Love and Lust on the Page

red lips, writing sex, writing physical love, eight ladies writing, justine covingtonSo all of this talk about sex this week got me thinking about the physical aspect of love and how to convey that on the page. We’ve all heard the mantra, “Show, don’t tell,” but we also know that telling is easier. However, it’s not as engaging for the reader, plus, as I implied, showing is hard. It takes extra brain work (and chocolate to fuel that brain work) to come up with a myriad of physical manifestations of love. Continue reading