Jilly: Time Out

Time OutDo you ever allow yourself the luxury of an unscheduled time out? I don’t do it very often, but I’m declaring one today.

I’m really happy with the way my WIP is shaping up. I wish it would come together faster, and I have lots of discovery work still ahead of me, but I like what I have so far, and I have a clear idea of the remaining scenes that will get me to the end of the first act. I think it will take me about two weeks to get there, and I’m really excited to write it.

I expected to wake up this morning refreshed and raring to begin, but out of nowhere I feel drained and mentally lacklustre. That’s not a feeling I want to infuse my story, and once I get started, I want to write through to the major turning point without losing momentum, so I decided to award myself a day to recharge.

I might think about my story – I almost certainly will – but I won’t set myself any specific tasks. No word-count goals, no problems to solve.

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Jilly: Post-Independence PR Campaign

21995185_sHappy Fourth of July to the other Ladies, and to all American readers of 8LW.

This side of the Atlantic, our weekend will be about Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix, the Ashes (cricket!), Princess Charlotte’s christening, Pimms, strawberries, and summer fetes. We certainly won’t be commemorating long-lost battles. I remember, years ago, some Texan friends asking how we would be spending Independence Day. I asked “Independence from whom?” Long silence down the phone followed by a light-bulb moment and a roar of laughter.

It’s nice that the Fourth appears to be a celebration of all things American rather than an orgy of Brit-bashing, but nonetheless I feel the urge to offer up a little positive PR on behalf of the old country. With the 8 Ladies and friends in mind, here are some other major historic landmarks brought to you by those really very nice people across the pond 🙂

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