Jilly: The Benefits of Getting Stuck

Getting StuckDo you ever suddenly hit a wall, with your writing or your life in general? Can persistence usually solve your problem, or is it a signal that something is wrong?

I have a lot to do before I leave for RWA National, and I was hoping for a productive writing week. Turns out I spent most of it spinning my wheels, completely blocked on an important scene. I was desperately frustrated at my lack of progress, but when I finally solved the problem I realised getting stuck had been a Good Thing.

I ground to a halt because what I was trying to write took the story in a wrong direction.

The problematic encounter takes place immediately after a fight scene in which much useful information has been discovered, but at a high cost. Most importantly, the hero’s father has been badly injured in an unexpected manner. The old man is unconscious and exhibiting severe hypothermia-like symptoms, and the hero and heroine must care for him and keep him alive until help arrives, while staying out of sight and earshot of the bad guys. Continue reading