Justine: At a Crossroads

writing, writer, eight ladies writing, justine covington, keep writing. stop writingAs 2014 vanishes in the dust, I’m sitting back and reflecting on what has happened in the past year (or not happened, as it were) and what may come in 2015. I’ve spent a lot of time inside my head, wondering what I’m doing, wondering if my family can survive this path to publication I’m on, wondering if I’ll ever escape this yet-to-finish-the-first-book hell. As a result, I find myself at an uncomfortable and confusing crossroads in my writing career.

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Justine: Fear and…Well…Fear

writer fears, eight ladies writing, justine covingtonI’m supposed to be revising my first draft. Note: “supposed to be.” I don’t think I can classify the work I’ve done on my ms so far as “revision.” More like tinkering. Since finishing my first draft, I’ve come up with some cool ideas, added new conflict (to hopefully increase word count, in addition to making the book more interesting), and solved a few problems, but not much of that has actually made it into the book. It’s work I’ve mostly done in my head so far.

It’s a funny thing about my book…in my mind, I can picture the final product. I can collectively see how all the pieces fit together and how it gels into this really awesome, compelling, and entertaining story. But I’m having a lot harder time on the execution Continue reading