Michaeline: Prime Results

An 1890s man in a dressing gown tells a harem girl stories about her eyes.

Oh, I think I could tell you a story about his eyes! Image via Wikimedia Commons

Last week, I had a good writing week, and I’m afraid I’ve been squeeing about it in several places. It’s the first time I’ve written “The End” since the end of November 2014, so I’ve been ridiculously happy and maybe somewhat obnoxious about it. I could put a lot of qualifiers on it – it’s just a draft, it’s not even 7,000 words, there’s probably some big and gaping hole that I can’t even see in the creative afterglow – but I don’t care about that. I just want to do it again. And again. And again!

So, I’ve been searching for something I’ve done differently – something that I can adapt into some sort of talisman or ritual, something that doesn’t involve blood sacrifice or extra housework. Something that would be a pleasure to do every day.

Well, I’ve reviewed the week, and there are three things that are different.

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Justine: Why Writing Every Day is Advice I Can’t Take

write every day, justine covington, eight ladies writingThere’s an interesting paradox in the writing world. When you read tips about plotting from professional writers (the folks who do it full-time), they’ll tell you that there’s no one way to plot a book. Some people are pantsers, some are plotters. Some use the Snowflake method, others skin the cat (oh, wait…Save the Cat. Sorry, cat-lovers). Some outline, some don’t, and then some do a combination of the above.

Why is it, then, that when giving advice about actually doing the writing, almost all of them say, “Write every day.” Why can’t this, too, be something that is unique to the individual? Continue reading