Michaeline: Meet Cute

A woman walking her bike notices a man who has taken a tumble on his bike. He is upside down, and the wheel is still spinning, maybe. TEXT: ELLIMAN'S UNIVERSAL EMBROCATION 1/1 1/2. i WILL HAVE IT OR WILL HAVE NONE. Prepared by ELLIMAN Sons & Co. Slough ENGLAND For STIFFNESS. ACHES. SPRAINS. BRUISES.
Meet Cute story idea: Nurse Nightingown comes across a terrible bicycle accident in the country. Well, not so terrible. He’s awfully cute, and only has a mild concussion. A little bit of Elliman’s fixes him right up! (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Every month has a chance for romance, but there’s something about the shortness and sweetness of February, what with the increasing daylight in the northern hemisphere, and the lengthening of nights in the south, and the abundance of chocolates and roses thanks to Valentine’s Day, that sets a particular mood.

My husband and I celebrate our own meet cute this month – he went to a Valentine’s Day dance with a group of his fellow exchange students, and I popped in quickly after some sort of event (concert? movie? art gallery? I just can’t remember), and saw this guy with a million dollar smile.

Roughly speaking, I think most

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Elizabeth: Public Declarations of Love

Scene from When Harry Met Sally

Scene from When Harry Met Sally

Recently I’ve been working on the ending scenes for my contemporary romance.  It’s a nice change of pace from dealing with the Mess in the Middle.  The Problems have all been solved; Obstacles removed; and my hero and heroine are getting their long awaited Happily Ever After.

Naturally this involves addressing that final declaration of love and raises the question:    Private or Public?

In one of the classes I took – or maybe it was a writing book I read or conference session I attended – there was a discussion about the need for the final declaration/confession of love, when our hero/heroine have made it past all the obstacles and are going to finally get together, to be done in public.

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