Nancy: Summer is for Lovers (of Books)

Here in the US, the three-day Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff of the summer season. Yes, the official first day of summer is nearly a month away, but in most of the country, temperatures are already rising, vacations are on the calendar, and list upon list of summer reading recommendations are splashed across newspapers, magazines, and various and sundry corners of the internet.

Most of us here on the blog are avid, year-round readers, so we hardly need an excuse to pick up more books. But it is fun to check out curated lists and find some books that are hot and trending, cool and refreshing, or just downright emotionally satisfying. This weekend, in between family cookouts and sipping mango margaritas, I came across some lists that have put me into a book-buying frenzy. The side effect of this is, of course, that a reading frenzy will soon ensue. #readerproblems Continue reading

Nancy: When Writers Read

Nancy's Favorites Bookshelf

We’ve been talking a lot about what we’re reading (or have read or have considered reading) quite a bit here on 8LW this week. While we identify as writers, we were all readers first. We love books, we love story, and we are over the moon when we find a new book or author who intrigues or inspires us.

But we are also writers, and most of us have found that learning and exploring the craft of writing forever changes the way we view books. The analytical part of my brain never fully disengages when I’m reading, and there’s something a little sad in that. But there’s also a whole other world that opens up when you’re reading as a writer, and every new story is a chance to learn more about the writing craft, or to view things we think we know from a new angle. Continue reading

Justine: The Infinite TBR List

to be read list, what to read, what I'm readingI have a TBR (To Be Read) list that is waaaaay too long, IMHO. I didn’t realize this until I started organizing the books on my bookshelf. There’s quite a few, and that was before I counted what’s on my iPad and Kindle reader, too.

Most of them are romance. Some are general fiction, but there are a few non-fiction, either about writing or something history-related that is either research or will hopefully be inspirational for a future story. Some of them were given to me at RWA this past summer; others I picked up because of good reviews or because they sounded interesting. Some were free downloads and I figured, “What the heck?” All of them are worth learning from — either what to do or what to avoid. Continue reading