Nancy: Valentine’s Day Traditions

A few days ago, Michaeline gave us the best possible reminder that Valentine’s Day is coming by sharing a romantic short story with us. What I found disturbing – and admitting this could get my romance writer card pulled – is that I actually needed the reminder.

It’s safe to say it’s not a high-priority holiday in our house.

However, we sometimes enjoy a small Valentine’s Day celebration. When we remember it. And we have a few traditions on those occasions, including handmade cards and a special double chocolate dessert. No flowers (I’m allergic to nearly everything with pollen), and no dinner at a crowded restaurant (amirite, fellow introverts?). In their dating days, my daughter and now son-in-law began their tradition of celebrating every Valentine’s Day in a different city. This year’s destination: Honolulu, HI. White sand, 75°F weather, and tropical drinks. (I raised a smart kid.) Continue reading

Justine: Valentine’s Day Around the World

valentine's day traditionsAs much as I could have really used a guest blogger this week (hint: don’t volunteer to do both of your childrens’ Valentine’s Parties in the same year), I have none, so in lieu of an original post, I thought I’d share some of the more interesting traditions for Valentine’s Day around the world (courtesy Perhaps some of these may inspire you in your own writing! Continue reading