Jilly: Building a Playlist

playlistsAre you a fan of playlists? I find them incredibly helpful as an aid to discovery. This week I started one for my new story, I’ve been listening to it non-stop, and it’s really got my creative wheels turning. I wanted to give myself a flying start, so I used songs we already had in our library and a few that came immediately to mind, but I’d love to build on it and I’m looking for suggestions.

It’s a strong, active story so I’m especially interested in powerful, energetic, punchy songs. When I put the list together I just picked titles that felt right, but below I’ve grouped them into a few themes: Our Girl on a Mission, Our Girl in Trouble, Kick-Ass Fighting, Hunting and Hiding, Preconceptions Challenged, Hard Choices, and The Right True End. I’d love to add songs about a man on a mission, family obligations, classy ladies v tough girls, power, medicine/drugs (not the recreational kind) and legendary jewels.

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Jilly: Play It Again, Cam

 I’ve learned recently that a fast and fun way to get my head into a story world is to use a playlist. The one that’s getting plenty of airtime right now is a 153-song compilation called ‘Rose’ after the heroine of my current WIP. I built it up as I was writing the discovery draft, starting with a few songs that instinctively felt right for Rose and for Ian, my hero, and gradually adding more as I got to know them better. I played it every time I sat down to write and after a while I didn’t really hear it any more, though I’d tune in and out from time to time. Now I’m revising to it and it takes me into Rose and Ian’s story right away.

When I’m not editing Rose, I’m in the early stages of developing a new story, so I’m starting to put together a new playlist. It’s a good test of how well I know my characters, or in this case, how well I don’t. Yet. It’s called Cam after the hero, even though it’s not his book, because he’s the character I know best so he’s got all the tunes.   

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