Jilly: Picking Your Brains on Sports Romances

Sports romance hero?Where do you stand on sports romances?

I love sports of all kinds. They’re such a great test of character. I love to see how superb athletes react when they’re pushed to their limit and beyond. We learned in class at McDaniel that character is choice under pressure, and sport offers those fascinating, insightful moments on a regular basis.

I like to write with the cricket commentary as background noise. I always know what’s happening on the tennis tour. And if I’m not at Wembley for the NFL UK games, I’m usually to be found on the sofa on Sunday nights, glued to the transatlantic action until way past my bedtime. So it’s surprising that I’ve never thought about writing a sports romance. Until now.

A sports star hero comes with certain built-in advantages for the romance writer and reader. He’s likely to be young, he’ll undoubtedly be in great physical shape, and he’ll almost certainly be rich. Chances are he’ll be high-profile.

His character offers a wealth of possibilities. He should be mentally strong – driven, competitive, goal-oriented, focused and decisive. The flip side of that is Continue reading

Jilly: Word Candy II – True Stories

Word CandyLast week I had a light-bulb moment regarding my heroine, Rose, finally solving something I’ve been struggling with for so long that I was beginning to think I’d never get there. I’d already attacked it from a number of angles so this time I decided to dig deep into her family back-story. It worked! Out of the blue I suddenly realised what had made Rose’s father, Paul, decide to leave his wife and child, and where he went. That led me to think through the way Paul’s life choice had formed Rose’s most deeply held beliefs, and suddenly everything fell into place.

I mention this because the future I settled on for Paul is based on something that actually happened to a friend’s husband back in his bachelor days. Continue reading