Justine: Some Historical Fun in the Kitchen

Program note: I have a set of blog posts planned over the next several weeks geared for the newbie writer. I’m calling it “Back to Basics,” as I find myself going back to the storytelling basics as I work on my new contemporary romance. Also, beginning next week, Nancy Hunter and I will be alternating Tuesdays. I’ll start with my first “Back to Basics” piece, then she’ll blog the following week. We hope you’ll tune in!

In the meantime…I’m taking you back in time!


Last week, I followed a link from Isabella Bradford and Loretta Chase’s site Two Nerdy History Girls and after much clicking and reading, I found these amazing videos of cooking in a real Georgian kitchen.


Kew Palace (rear) and Queen’s Gardens. Image courtesy WikiMedia Commons.

The kitchen, located in a separate building from Kew Palace, is one of the few original Georgian kitchens restored as it was last used over 200 years ago. Here you can learn Continue reading

Justine: A Few of My Favorite Sites

eight ladies writing, justine covington, favorite websitesThis past week has been a blur for me. I’ve been in the throes of calculating scores for the Diamonds in the Desert writing contest. Believe it or not, writers aren’t very good at math. One hundred sixty-two entries had to be verified…and I did them all. Thank goodness for Siri, because I could just summon her and ask her to calculate 4 + 18 + 12 + 15….you get the idea. She’s pretty accurate, too.

In lieu of an original post (because I burnt out all my brain cells doing math), I want to share a few of my favorite sites… Continue reading