Kay: The Train Wreck of Traditional Publishing

Did you ever wish you had a traditional publishing contract? Count your lucky stars. Since our pandemic began, traditional publishing has gone off the rails.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch breaks it down for us on her blog. It all began when she tried to order a book in June and was informed that the book would ship in September. Surprised that it wouldn’t arrive sooner, she looked into why that should be.

And guess what? It turns out that traditional publishing isn’t all that nimble when it comes to crises. Here’s the story.

What the heck happened?

When the pandemic hit and bookstores closed, some publishing companies moved their biggest spring and summer releases to the fall, hoping that the situation would have recovered by then. But as the pandemic dragged on, the schedule fell apart, because the fall schedule was already mostly full. Continue reading

Nancy: Another Publishing Option for Our Overtaxed Writer Brains

reading 3D e book

This just in: the internet is not only changing the world, it’s changing the publishing world!

Okay, that’s pretty old ‘news’. But that doesn’t mean we writers have a firm grip on the new world order in publishing. In fact, with so many publishing options and terms to learn and understand – traditional big 5, small press, indie publishing, self-publishing, KDP, POD, Amazon sucks!, Amazon rules!, hybrids of any or all of the above – sometimes we just want to crawl back into our cozy little writer beds, pull the covers over our heads, and not come out until someone somewhere has tamed this publishing beast.

Yeah, that’s never going to happen. And waiting or someone to rescue us isn’t really the style of the ladies on this blog, anyway. The best we can do is partake of our favorite anxiety-reducing substance (my personal recommendations, which you’ve heard before: wine, chocolate, Bourbon), research out the wazoo, and in the end, hope we’ve made the choices that best suit the very individual needs of each of our careers. So in the interest of making your head explode sharing information, Continue reading

Jilly: Dreaming Big, Planning Small

Dreaming Big, Planning SmallFor me, RWA National is a natural time to take stock and set a plan for the next twelve months. A year ago I’d almost completed the McDaniel Romance Writing Program and had decided that my manuscript needed re-writing rather than revising. In Atlanta I was thinking about the changes I planned to make, and I charged my batteries by attending lots of great writing craft workshops and inspirational talks by my favorite authors.

I also went to a Spotlight presentation by St Martin’s Press, and I made a particular note of the introductory remarks by Jennifer Enderlin, who said: “Dream big. Have unrealistic exectations. Think as big as you possibly can.” I took that advice to heart, and it’s locked in there. After all, if I don’t believe in my abilities, why should anyone else?

The last twelve months have whizzed by more or less according to plan. On Friday morning, I’ll Continue reading