Elizabeth: Discovering New Authors

Jilly’s post on Sunday, asking for suggestions for that “one last book” to read before diving back into writing reminded me of a site I used to use to find potential new authors to read, back before I had a gargantuan TBR pile (which seems to be replicating on its own) to choose from.

The site let you key in an author’s name and then  returned a word-cloud of “fans of author XXX also like author YYY” results.  I started reading Rachel Gibson when she turned up in the results of my Jennifer Crusie search.  Julia London lead me to Eloisa James.  Dorothy L. Sayer led me to P.D. James.

The site was great fun though, of course, I’ve long since lost the link.

An internet search this weekend, however, turned up the Literature Map, which may or may not be the site I was thinking of.  I had fun keying in the names of my favorite authors to see what came up (not that I’m looking for more to read).  There was an overlap between the results from this site and the “customers who bought this item also bought” results I got when I did some comparison searching on Amazon, though not as much as I had expected. Continue reading