Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints

Well, we’ve reached the end of another week but not, apparently, the end of the fallout from the recent RWA RITA contest announcements.

Over on the Teach Me Tonight blog, there were some eye-opening statistics:

2016 US Census data on race/ethnicity
White: 61.3%
POC: 40.9%

2018 RITA Finalists by race/ethnicity
White: 97.3%
POC: 4%

As we talked about on Wednesday, the RWA Board has acknowledged the problem and is actively looking for solutions.  In the meantime, at least two of this year’s finalists – Susanna Kearsle and Ann Aguirre – formally withdrew their books from consideration earlier this week.  Additionally, Cherry Adair, who was supposed to be receiving the RWA Lifetime Achievement award this year also withdrew, although her action appears to be in response to criticism about comments she made, rather than a statement that RWA has a diversity problem.

More to come on all of this, I’m sure.

While I don’t have control over the biases (conscious or otherwise) of other people, I do at least have control over the words I do (or don’t) put on the page.  To that end, I’ll be spending a little quality time with my pen and notebook when I get home from work this evening.  I think I’ll start things off with today’s writing prompt.

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