Michille: Preparing to Attend a Writers’ Conference

RWA 2017RWA National Conference is fast approaching. So it’s time to start prepping for it. Of course, getting the conference schedule is a top priority and deciding which sessions to go to, which to avoid. I’m not pitching this year, or I’d be working on that. I suck at elevator pitches and tag/log line type descriptions so creating those is torture. In order to make sure I’m not forgetting anything, I googled to find some internet advice. Continue reading

Michille: Recorded Sessions

RWA 2017So many recorded sessions, so little time. Actually, the second part isn’t exactly true. I have all the time in the world. I’m referring to the RWA National Conference recordings. I bought them at the last RWA Conference I attended with every intention of listening to them regularly for motivation and craft reminders. I thought, oh, I have lots of time because I don’t have to listen to them all at once and was looking forward to parsing out the listening as motivation until I went to the next one. Continue reading

Elizabeth: Conference Tips for Introverts

intj-headAs you undoubtedly know if you are a frequent reader of this blog (or from Justine’s post Tuesday), many of the Eight Ladies will be attending the RWA National conference in New York this summer.  We have been looking forward to the event, not only to see each other again, but to learn new things, meet new people, and enhance our craft.

The other day it occurred to me that, although I had registered for the conference, booked the hotel, and made pre-conference sight-seeing plans months ago, I never actually bought the plane tickets.

My first thought after that realization was, “Yay, now I don’t have to go.”

Wait, what? Continue reading