Elizabeth: Back to Basics – Doing the Research

Stories Yet To Be WrittenWe’ve been talking the last couple of months about writing basics; walking through individual craft elements in conjunction with the new book I’m working on.  Last week we put together the Character, Conflict, Setting, and Outline, and shifted focus to actually writing the story.

Once you finally start writing, it is quite likely that at some point, you’re going to need to do some research. Maybe you have a quick question that needs an answer like “what’s the lifespan of a bumblebee?” or maybe you need to know something a little more in depth like “what was the political climate like in London during 1816?”

At close to 40,000 words on my new story, I’ve had a few questions that I needed answers to. I’ve also had to decide what information I should include in my story and what does not need to be there.

That’s why this week my focus in on: Research Continue reading