Elizabeth: Creativity breeds Creativity


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I had high hopes for good progress on the book this week, but an extra-strength world-spinning case of vertigo laid waste to those plans pretty thoroughly. Since typing away at the computer, reading, or basically movement of any kind risked triggering riding-the-merry-go-round-while-falling-off-a-cliff sensations, I turned my focus to a wordless creative endeavor. Continue reading

Nancy: Changes Part 3 – The Career


This week, it’s time for the big reveal, time to announce the centerpiece of my plan to change up my life. I’ve been chomping at the bit to share this news, to shout it from virtual rooftops. So get your champagne glass, or coffee cup, or whatever is handy ready to lift a glass in toast. Today, I can finally publicly announce it: I am leaving my day job.

It will be a done deal in less than two weeks, at which time I will officially join the ranks of the self-employed. Note I said self-employed, not unemployed. I am not giving up a paycheck (at least not for long, I hope). And I’m not throwing myself headlong into the role of the fulltime writer, not yet. Not for a very long time. Possibly not ever. My change will be less drastic and dramatic as I move from employee to consultant in my chosen ‘day job’ field. But it’s still huge for me, as I will get to pick and choose my projects and make time for things other than work – little things like creativity and fun. Continue reading