Nancy: July Recap

july 2015 calendarIn many ways, you already know the big story in my July progress report: bright lights, big city. Much of the month was consumed by preparation for, attendance of, and decompression from converging on RWA Nationals in NYC with the other eight ladies. But wait, there’s more! And it has to do with story progress, which is always exciting, so let’s get started!

New Story. My five-book Victorian Romance series has now grown to 7 (planned) books. While there was always going to be a sixth, a wrap-up novella where one of the characters driving the others to their HEAs gets her own love story, there wasn’t going to be a launch novella. That changed at RWA when one of my business-savvy self-publishing friends recommended I write a 20k novella to launch the series.

My first reaction was, ‘yeah, right, good one’. Continue reading

Nancy: April Recap – All Is Not Lost

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If you read my first post of 2015, you know I promised monthly writing status reports. And if you’re very astute (and I know our blog readers are!), you might have noticed I didn’t give my April status report this past Monday, when it was ‘due’, as I continue my series on series. So today, I thought I’d drop in and hijack the post share the pain and progress that made up my writing life in April.

As I wrote in my March recap, March was a writing bust for me. I wrote at a snail’s pace, and many of the words I did get on the page didn’t work for my stories. Blame the long, frigid, snowmageddon winter, or story burnout from unrealistic expectations, or poor attention span, or all of the above – regardless of the cause, the result was so bad that I had to dub April the month of the Phoenix in the hopes I’d rise from the ashes of crap writing I’d done in March.

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Nancy: February Recap

Woman With a Plan

In the ongoing and possibly overrated interest of tracking my writing performance against my annual writing goals, it’s time to talk about February: the good, the bad, and the sometimes oh-so-ugly. You know the drill. I told you about my ‘reporting in’ plan here. Looking back on the post from just two short months ago, I have to smile a bit, the way you do at adorable pets and small children. I want to pat new-year me on the head and say oh, you naive, optimistic writer, you. Continue reading