Nancy: Changes Part 2 – The Schedule


Last week, I told you about my first steps toward reprioritizing to give the people (family and friends) and activities (writing, reading, play time) of most importance a more prominent place in my life. To achieve this, I have to prioritize the way I spend my time, and for me, that means building a schedule that includes these priorities.

I know, I know, a schedule can be a slippery slope. It can add to stress rather than relieve it. There have certainly been times when I have let The Schedule intimidate and overwhelm me. This time, to make sure my schedule is a tool Continue reading

Nancy: You Say You Want a Resolution

Time to write the pages!

As regular readers of the blog know, we Ladies have spent some time this January talking about our New Year’s resolutions or lack thereof. Many of us have chosen to go the route of using the dawn of 2014 to recalibrate and update e our goals instead of making official declarations. I am one of those in the goals camp. One of the upsides of that approach is that things I haven’t accomplished thus far aren’t lost resolutions or chances. Even if I miss a deadline for a goal, I can reset it and come up with a plan to do better starting now. Technically, the same can be said of resolutions, but words have certain connotations, and failing at a resolution just makes me feel worse than recalibrating a goal.

While some of my goals are specific to finishing drafts and submitting manuscripts for publishing consideration, one is the granddaddy of them all, because if I manage to achieve it, it will make my other writing career goals possible. Continue reading