Michaeline: A Different Kind of Sex Scene

Androgynous image with curly hair on head and curly hair on chest.

Does it matter if the lover is a boy or a girl? In some details, yes. But a lot of technique is transferable. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

We’ve been talking about sex scenes this week on Eight Ladies (Kay’s post on February 2), and my book rec for the month is Charmed and Dangerous, a collection of short gay fantasy stories written by women and edited by Jordan Castillo Price. The ten stories are well-written, exciting and full of creative ideas that take paranormal romance and urban fantasy to interesting places. Goodreads link.

The sex scenes have a different dynamic than any of the straight romance I’ve read. Women have this idea that men are ready for action at any minute. I’m not sure if that is acute observation or just urban legend, but there it is. In a straight scene in a straight romance, often the woman is worrying about something: her reputation, her own feelings for this guy, the meaning of the sex, and so on and so forth.

Generally in the scenes in this book, sex is sex. It doesn’t have to mean a thing – as long as the two gay men are in a romantic situation with mutual attraction, there doesn’t seem to be a reason (in this fictional world) for them not to have enthusiastic sex-in-the-moment. So, they drop everything to do so, and have a few paragraphs of sweaty, happy sex, which turns out to be deep and meaningful (the most intimate sex ever) because after all, we’re talking about subsets of the romance genre. The characters often go in expecting orgasms, and come out with orgasms and the love of their lives.

The big question is, can this be applied to straight romance scenes? Continue reading

Nancy: Please Welcome Guest Blogger Deborah Blake!

Today the Ladies welcome guest blogger Deborah Blake to 8LW. Deborah’s debut fiction novel, Wickedly Dangerous, will be available in your favorite book-procuring place on Tuesday, September 2. We asked her to stop by and chat a little about the joys and challenges of writing this paranormal romance, so Deborah, take it away!

Wickedly Dangerous

My debut series, the Baba Yaga tales, is coming out from Berkley this year. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited. At the moment, the series consists of a prequel novella, Wickedly Magical, the first book, Wickedly Dangerous, and the second book, Wickedly Wonderful. I’m hopeful to do the third book in the series too.

The basic premise of the series is fairly simple. They are essentially modern fairy tales (although being marketed as paranormal romance) based on an updated version of the Russian Baba Yaga fairy tales and mythology. The original Baba Yaga was a crone-type witch who lived in the forest in a hut on chicken legs, rode through the air in a mortar steered by a pestle, and was sometimes associated with a dragon named Chudo-Yudo. Although Baba Yaga was often depicted as quite frightening (and rightfully so), she was also known to be helpful to those worthy seekers who asked nicely and behaved well. In short, she was neither a good witch nor a bad witch, but rather a very powerful magical being who pretty much did what she wanted to. Continue reading