Justine: Five Weeks Analyzing Common Mistakes. Week 2: Overwriting

mistakes writers make, overwriting, justine covington, eight ladies writingLast week, I introduced the five common mistakes writers make in their first few pages, which Chuck Wendig originally posted on his blog, terribleminds. He identified these mistakes after critiquing several writers’ WIPs while at the Pike’s Peak Writers Conference. I then applied #1: The First Page is Vital to my own WIP. You can read that here.

This week, I’m taking on #2: You’re Totally Overwriting.

If Chuck had read my WIP, he’d have said I’m overwriting. A few of the Eight Ladies have told me to tighten. So have agents/editors. Even my aunt, who has published some non-fiction and poetry, said my work would be better if I would take out the second sentence anytime I described something.


But they’re right. Continue reading