Jilly: Looking Beyond the Draft

15090927_sIt’s that time of year again. Not the Japanese cherry blossom season Michaeline wrote about so poignantly yesterday, but the three-day beauty parade that matches the cream of (American) college football talent with the good, the bad, and the ugly of professional football in the over-hyped, eye-wateringly expensive, insanely risky extravaganza otherwise known as the NFL Draft.

Most of the 8 Ladies are football fans, and well-informed ones at that. I’m nowhere near their level of clued-in, but I’m working on it, and as I was trying to get my head around this weekend’s decision-making and horse-trading, I thought I saw some parallels with the rookie author’s struggle to find their place in the publishing process. Not the obvious one about long odds, either 😉 .

What interests me about the Draft is that teams spend a fortune Continue reading