Elizabeth: Friday Writing Sprints – 13 Words

While perusing the New York Times this week – researching, not procrastinating – I saw that the Modern Love column is celebrating its 13th birthday and launching a project called “Awkward and Amazing: Modern Love at 13.”

From the article:

We want to hear our readers’ own tales of the joys and tribulations of love, but here’s the catch: You have to do it in 13 words. Maybe it’s funny: “Never go to bed angry. Unless he forgot to take out the recycling.” Maybe it’s where you met: “Vegas, where I lost $1,000 at a poker table. Best money ever spent.”

We’ve talked before on the blog about using six word stories or 100 word stories as a creative way to approach storytelling, so I thought this latest limit of 13-words might be fun and a nice change of pace for our normal Friday Writing Sprints, or at least a way to spark some creative thinking.

My creativity seems to have short-circuited with the recent heat-wave we’ve been experiencing this week, so I’m going to need to do something to get into the right frame of mind for the upcoming start of NaNoWriMo.  I’m thinking a few minutes of Random Word Improv (whether with 13 words or a few hundred) will be just the thing.

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Jilly: Can Lightning Strike Twice?

lightning-strikeMost romantic fiction is based on the premise that a hero or heroine meets their other half—the one person in the world who completes them.

Do you believe that a person could find great, lasting love more than once in a lifetime?

I spent all day yesterday thinking about this, ever since I read You May Want To Marry My Husband, an astonishing piece by novelist Amy Krouse Rosenthal, published last Friday in the New York Times. Rosenthal is terminally ill with ovarian cancer and the post recommends the many excellent qualities of her beloved husband of more than 26 years to an unknown woman in the hope that there will be a second great love story in his future.

I strongly recommend you click here to read. Have tissues to hand.

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