Jilly: 2017 In A Word

PublishHappy New Year! Here’s wishing you all a happy, healthy and fulfilling 2017 😀

If you had to choose one single word to epitomize your approach to the coming twelve months, what would it be?

A watchword is more flexible than a goal or a resolution. More like a theme, defined as an idea that recurs and pervades.

I last played this game in 2014, when I chose MORE (click here to read that post and the comments, where you’ll find some interesting choices). I already had a specific, measurable writing goal for the year—to finish my contemporary romance WIP—but I knew I was letting my inner editor hold me back. I kept under-cooking the conflict, emotion, action, tension, everything…so I chose an intangible, aspirational word to remind me to go for it.

This year I want my watchword to be a call to action, so Continue reading

Michaeline: 2015, The Future is Now

An homage to the Back to the Future franchise, which sent Marty McFly to a different 2015.

Marty McFly found himself in a different 2015 than the one we know, but it’s still entertaining! Happy New Year to all of you! (Many thanks to The Daughter who drew this.)

As a speculative writer, I often muse about how the future is now. Especially this year, when 2015 is the “fantastic future” of the Back to the Future franchise. I’m sure you guys in the US have been deluged with the hits and misses of that speculative future, but I was enchanted by NPR’s segment on the phenomenon of looking back at a story that looks forward and back again. Who knew that the future was going to turn out like this?

I think there are a lot of lessons to be drawn from thinking about the nature of time, history and prediction. Perhaps the most comforting one is that if you write in the future, you can write what you like. As long as it’s good, people won’t care if you are wrong, and if you happen to be right, they’ll be amazed and delighted. 1984 weathered 1984, and I’m sure Back to the Future 2 will not suffer after 2015. Continue reading