Nancy: Recap of the Year of Writing Courageously

Random Act of Courage

Last January, the other Ladies and I started the year with a ‘new year, new writer’ series where we discussed our goals and plans for the upcoming year. In addition to the concrete writing goals, which included FTDB (finish the damn book!), I had a much bigger picture goal in mind. I wanted to spend 2014 writing courageously, facing up to fears and writing right on through them. Now, all too fast, that year is drawing to a close and it’s time to assess how I’ve done with conquering each of my own writing fears I identified a year ago. Continue reading

Justine: New Year, New Writer — Conflict

conflict, GMC, tension, writingWhen I started the McDaniel program over a year ago, I came in without any formal (or informal, for that matter) instruction about writing fiction. I’d neither taken a creative writing class, nor studied the basic elements of good fiction. In other words, I was a blank slate, which is great in some respects because there weren’t any bad habits/knowledge I had to purge from my brain. But it’s bad when my instructor tells me to identify the goal, motivation, and conflict for my protag and antag…I was left saying, “Huh?”

Of all the things we covered at McDaniel, conflict was one of the topics that tripped me up the most. (Well, okay, so did goals and motivation, which go hand-in-hand with conflict.) I thought I knew what conflict was. I mean, I read romance novels, right? Those books are chock-a-block full of men and women arguing about something or other. So okay, identify the arguments between my characters and I’m set.

Oy. Continue reading