Jilly: 2017 In A Word

PublishHappy New Year! Here’s wishing you all a happy, healthy and fulfilling 2017 😀

If you had to choose one single word to epitomize your approach to the coming twelve months, what would it be?

A watchword is more flexible than a goal or a resolution. More like a theme, defined as an idea that recurs and pervades.

I last played this game in 2014, when I chose MORE (click here to read that post and the comments, where you’ll find some interesting choices). I already had a specific, measurable writing goal for the year—to finish my contemporary romance WIP—but I knew I was letting my inner editor hold me back. I kept under-cooking the conflict, emotion, action, tension, everything…so I chose an intangible, aspirational word to remind me to go for it.

This year I want my watchword to be a call to action, so Continue reading

Michaeline: New Year Prep

Two Japanese men pounding rice cakes.

Pounding out the details for a Happy New Year.

Today, my family is getting ready to pound mochi and clean the house from top to bottom in preparation for the Japanese New Year on Wednesday. And I’ve been getting ready for a fresh start in my writing career this past month, too.

Obsessed is more like it – I’ve decided that what I really, really need is a word count meter to help keep me on track with my writing goals. I loved using the one at the National Novel Writing Month site, but that’s only available during November.

After much thought and hours on the Internet (that could have been spent writing!!), I think the best approach for most people is Continue reading