Elizabeth: Self-Publishing 101 – Author/Editor Interview

publish_buttonWe’ve been talking about the nuts and bolts self-publishing for the past several Wednesdays here on the blog.  Today we’re talking with a guest who has experience as both an editor and a published author.

Let’s give a big Eight Ladies Writing welcome to Nan Reinhardt.

* * *

8LW:  Thanks for talking with us today, Nan.  Which came first, your editing or your writing career? Continue reading

Elizabeth: Self-Publishing 101 – Taglines, Loglines and Concepts

publish_buttonLast week in our Self Publishing series we talked about the Book Cover, the first (and oftentimes only) chance for a book to make an impression on a potential reader

But what happens after the cover catches the reader’s attention?

Jilly’s post on Monday about the Dreaded Synopsis got me to thinking about some of the other elements you need in order hold a reader’s attention, once you’ve caught it

Loglines, taglines, high-concept – these are all tools that can help you position (and market) your story to your audience.  Although we are looking at this through the lens of self-publishing, they are important regardless of the publishing path you choose. Continue reading