Justine: Mood Music Playlists for Writing Sad Scenes

working to musicI know several of the Eight Ladies (myself included) have used music playlists for writing, either because it “goes” with the book they’re writing or, like with me, there’s a certain Mozart playlist that generates a Pavlovian response within me to write. When I hear the music, my inner storyteller kicks in.

This is all well and good except the music I listen to is pretty upbeat (for Mozart, anyway) and I was having a hard time getting into the right mood to write some really dark, painful, sad scenes (not my typical mojo).

So I pulled up Google and searched “saddest classical music” and the first hit that came up was Continue reading

Nancy: A Little Mood Music

Swan Lake sheet music from myspace.com

Swan Lake sheet music from myspace.com

Last week, Elizabeth talked about ways to tell stories other than with the written word. I have to admit, I’m not a photographer, a painter, or a knitter/crocheter. My stories really do come out with words. Still, I’ve learned that during the discovery phase, the more non-verbal ways I tell the story to myself, the better the creativity and ultimately the words flow.

One of the tools I use to tap into the creative energy of a story is a playlist. While I always used music as part of my writing process, for a long time I just used it as background noise. Several of my writing friends swore by their story-specific playlists, so I took their advice to try it and once I started, I never stopped. Continue reading