Justine: That ‘Ol Conflict Thing Again

Okay, I will admit that Christmas vacation and having the kids home from school totally screws up my sense of what day it is and I thought today was Monday. Obviously not. Since I don’t usually plan my blog posts ahead and I doubt I could come up with something original this morning with two kids running around, a husband who’s home, and two parents (mine!) who I need to get to the airport in about 30 minutes, I’m going to repost something from last year’s series of craft-focused posts, New Year, New Writer. Today’s topic is my old nemesis (and the nemesis of a couple of the other Eight Ladies):


It’s relevant to me as I start thinking beyond Three Proposals to the next book(s) I want to work on.

Happy reading and I promise to have my act together next week (after all, the kids go back to school next Tuesday!). Continue reading

Justine: New Year, New Writer (cont.): Mini-Conflict

I’ve been thinking a lot about conflict since my post last week, and if you go by the chatter on 8LW, so have others.

Specifically, I’ve been thinking about scene-level conflict. When I said last week that conflict should be in every scene, I didn’t mean the conflict had to be between your protag and antag relative to their goals. There has to be some conflict, though, but it can be smaller. Call it mini-conflict, or that which does not directly affect your character’s goals. Continue reading