Michaeline: Addams Family Archetypes

In a gazebo in winter, Morticia is looking at an X-ray, Gomez is showing the children and Grandmama a shrunken head of himself, and Uncle Fester is busying himself with a mysterious instrument. (A piccolo? A hacksaw? A stereopticon?)

Before the TV show, there was the cartoon. The Addams family share a warm family gathering. (A bookcover, via Wikimedia Commons)

Happy Halloween, y’all! Today, I have a little fun with the characters from the Addams Family. If you don’t know about them, please take some time to dig up (har-har) some of the old Charles Addams cartoons from the New Yorker. Or the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation. Such a lovely, spooky sensibility that plays with the border between “normal” and “weird.” Perfect for today, the traditional border between autumn and cold, hungry winter.

Morticia Addams: She is the Goddess stereotype. As a tempting maiden, she drives her husband crazy. But she also is a fruitful mother of two children. And her calm demeanor and mysterious taste in all things home and hearth make her rather crone-like. She owns her domain, and dominates it.

Gomez Addams: He’s apparently an entrepreneur and he’s obviously a very rich man. Continue reading