Elizabeth: Discovering Faces

Lie_to_MeAs I believe I’ve mentioned before, when I’m not working or writing I enjoy relaxing with a good television show. Although I have a preference for light, humorous, happily-ever-after type stories, sometimes I get caught by something completely different, and it’s often a specific character on a show that catches and keeps my interest. I talked about some of my past character crushes in this post last year.

My current character crush is on Dr. Cal Lightman from the series Lie To Me. The show ran from 2009 to 2011, but thanks to the wonders of Netflix, it’s new to me now. What has captured my attention isn’t the lead actor, though Tim Roth is excellent, the ensemble cast, who are all entertaining, or the main character’s relationship with his teenage daughter, which is brilliantly done. It’s the skill-set of the main character that has me fascinated. Continue reading