Elizabeth: What Have You Been Reading

CarpeLibrumIt’s a real challenge to combine being a writer and a news-junkie these days, and it’s especially difficult to carve out time for pleasure reading.  However, as we’ve all heard time and again, reading and writing go together like peanut butter and jelly (though fortunately not as sticky), so making the time to read is a priority.

Anyway, after attending a book signing a few weeks ago and adding a few more volumes to the TBR pile, I was motivated to get reading before the pile turned into an avalanche.  Fortunately, the current cold, rainy, cuddle-up-with-a-blanket-on-the-couch weather has been perfect for reading.  Cupcakes and napping too, but mostly reading.

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Elizabeth: I ♥ Authors

valentineheartIt’s Tuesday afternoon as I’m writing this, so happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate and happy “there-will-be-leftover-candy–on-sale-tomorrow” to those who don’t.

While boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses get most of the love and attention this time of year, I’d like to add authors to that list.  After all, where would we be without them, especially without romance writers and their happily-ever-afters.

As I mentioned in last week’s Friday Writing Sprint post, I went to an author book chat / signing at a (relatively) local bookstore on Friday evening.  It was a reward for meeting my recent writing word count, though technically, I deleted more words than I added.

The event featured Kristan Higgins and Brenda Novak along with their new books:  “On Second Thought” and “Secrets She Kept.”  I (briefly) met Kristan at the last RWA Conference in New York when she was doing a reading from her then-latest-book (“If You Only Knew”), but had never met/seen Brenda before (though I am familiar with her work).  Both the weather and the traffic cooperated – a miraculous occurrence on a wintery Friday evening – which meant I arrived at the bookstore that was hosting the event a full two hours early.

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Elizabeth: What Did You Read Wednesday?

Additions to my TBR pile, courtesy of the RWA Conference

Additions to my TBR pile, courtesy of the RWA Conference

Although I spent many years as a book-a-day reader, I haven’t done much pleasure reading in recent months. My typical daily schedule is (1) day job, (2) work-in-progress, (3) pleasure reading and, since I am a regrettably slow writer, I rarely get past item (2) before it’s time to call it a night.

I was schooled on the error of my ways by none other than Eloisa James at the recent conference when I mentioned that I was rather behind in reading her new books as writing was taking all my time. She said “let me give you some unsolicited advice” and then (paraphrasing) said as a writer, you need to make time to read.   It is advice we’ve all heard before, in posts on this very blog even. Continue reading

Jilly: Good Book Squee – Beach Books

Good Beach BooksWhat do you think makes a great holiday read?

It’s June already – just over two weeks to the solstice – and most of my friends are gearing up for their summer vacations. Chez Jilly we’re using our travel budget to fund our trip to RWA National in New York, so there will be no sand-and-sangria break for us this year. It’s been a hectic first half of 2015 though, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll designate the week after RWA as a reading-for-pleasure staycation. Experience suggests that I’ll bring a big bag full of new books back with me, so I should have plenty of choice, but just in case they’re not sunshine-friendly, I’d like to stock up now with a few perfect beach books to pile up beside my virtual deck-chair. Continue reading

Kat: “Featuring” Fridays: Kristan Higgins

The last Friday of the month is always a bummer for me. I’m usually dragging ass by now, and trying to come up with something worthwhile to post can be a chore.  So I thought, hey, what better way to lighten the load then to profile or feature a favorite author? So beginning today, I’ll be doing a “featuring” post on the last Friday of each month. I chose New York Times best-selling author, Kristan Higgins to kick things off.

  • Why She Makes My Top Ten “Favorite” List:
    Simply put, I love the focus of her stories. Her heroine (and hero) are down-to-earth, but quirky in a fascinating way. For example, Grace, the heroine in “Too Good to be True” is a history teacher and civil war junkie who spends her weekends with a group that reenacts civil war battles for fun. She has a thing for the hunky (ex-con) next door, hits him with a cricket bat, spies on him from her attic window, and ends up getting caught in a whopper of a lie, but in the end love prevails (the love of her readers, too). Romantic comedy at it’s best.

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