Michaeline: Procrastination and Kittens

Mama Tabby is a short-haired farm cat. In this picture, all four of her babies are varying shades of tabby. You can see the cute little face of one, and the pink little feet of another. The other three are buried under Mama, looking for milk.
Mama Tabby, inspiration for Tabby Kate in my current WIP, had kittens in Auntie Milk’s bathroom last night! Hooray! Mother and babies are doing fine, but bewildered. (E.M. Duskova)

I’m going to tell you a dirty little secret: I like to procrastinate. If I don’t have an idea for the Saturday blog that thrills me, I’m perfectly willing to wait and see if something fresh pops up Saturday morning (which is still Friday night in the Americas, so something fresh often does pop up in people’s exuberance for the weekend). Procrastination often serves me well.

But when it doesn’t, it’s awful. A ton of pressure to produce 500 words of crap . . . I could have done that Thursday afternoon and saved myself the pressure!

And then there’s today, when something so wonderful happens that all thoughts of writing and blogging are driven out of my mind.

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Nancy: When Life Just Doesn’t Cooperate

Wd358b-jeanne2baccepting2bgolden2bheartriters, and perhaps other people who expend any energy pondering writers, tend to wax poetic about the idealistic vision of a writer’s life. This particular fantasy might be full of never-ending supplies of coffee, chocolate, wine or other choice vices. It definitely includes hours upon hours of uninterrupted solitude in which to create the next great masterpiece that the world simply must have, interrupted by rare but exhilirating trips into the outside world to receive kudos and awards, like our own Jeanne, pictured here. Left to our own devices, many of us might try to achieve this nirvana, and our family and friends would never hear from us again. Luckily for us, life has a way of protecting us from ourselves by delivering regular doses of writing interruptus.

At least that’s the story I’m telling myself after a weekend full of interruptus and seriously devoid of writing. It’s okay, I tell myself, writers can’t just write about life; they must have real-life experiences to feed the stories. Continue reading

Nancy: Writer Interrupted, Home Improvement Edition

Please Do Not Annoy the Writer

What writers usually want but rarely get is more time to write. We often get less time than expected because life has a tendency to ignore the advice of my favorite mug and has the audacity to annoy, interrupt, and otherwise mess with us, writing plans be damned. That’s possibly why we so often look for story inspiration or writing analogies in the other things that demand our attention. For instance, during the past two weeks, my life was interrupted by a long-delayed patio installation project, and while it didn’t derail my recently-completed writing plan, it certainly didn’t help it. But amidst the chaos, I took away some home improvement lessons learned that could be applied to the writing life as well. Continue reading