Nancy: Valentine’s Day Traditions

A few days ago, Michaeline gave us the best possible reminder that Valentine’s Day is coming by sharing a romantic short story with us. What I found disturbing – and admitting this could get my romance writer card pulled – is that I actually needed the reminder.

It’s safe to say it’s not a high-priority holiday in our house.

However, we sometimes enjoy a small Valentine’s Day celebration. When we remember it. And we have a few traditions on those occasions, including handmade cards and a special double chocolate dessert. No flowers (I’m allergic to nearly everything with pollen), and no dinner at a crowded restaurant (amirite, fellow introverts?). In their dating days, my daughter and now son-in-law began their tradition of celebrating every Valentine’s Day in a different city. This year’s destination: Honolulu, HI. White sand, 75°F weather, and tropical drinks. (I raised a smart kid.) Continue reading

Michaeline: Nixie Voss and the Culture of Secrets

The lover of a rich man sneaks a kiss with a geisha behind the rich man's back.

Oh, we could be heroes, or villains, depending on the secrets we keep. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

I’ve been thinking about my “villain” this week. I put it in quotes, just like David Bowie’s “‘Heroes'”, because she’s not really a villain (See for the story behind “‘Heroes'”). She’s the heroine from some points of view, and her weakness is a certain determination to follow the plan to the bitter end, no matter what crops up in the meantime. She gets sidetracked from her goal in favor of The Plan, and she becomes a tragic heroine (or a foiled villain, depending on who you are rooting for).

The thing is, she is steeped in secrets. Continue reading