Michaeline: Goddess Maya Bows Down to June

A man kissing a woman with a skinny man lurking in the background with a sword.

Lovers Paolo and Francesca couldn’t expect a happy ending because they already have spouses. But with a different backstory, their love could end in joy and with the defeat of the person keeping them apart. (Radically different backstory.) Image via Wikimedia Commons

Even in Japan, the phrase ジューン・ブライド (jun buraido or June bride) has currency. It’s a popular month to get married, even today.

Here in the northern half of the northern hemisphere, we are four days into June. Up where I live, winter is five months long, and it’s not unheard of to have snow in May. So nature gets very exuberant and bouncy during the short summer months. May is frantic with planting and weeding and babying the new plants along, but when June rolls around, people on my island have time to relax. This is when the sports days are scheduled, because people once again have a little free time to spend a long day watching kids playing, then finishing up with barbecues and various fire-based ritual cuisines.

This agricultural cycle must be behind the June bride thing. The way I remember it, May was dedicated to a jealous goddess, Maya, who would curse anyone who got married during her month. I think it was probably more a matter of if you fooled around getting married and having honeymoons, you didn’t get your crops in the field, and you starved during the winter. That would certainly look like a curse, wouldn’t it?

I do think the story makes a great template for a story. You’ve got a classic love triangle: the strong, demanding antagonist, the handsome hero, and the beautiful heroine, who must somehow find a way to defeat or placate the antagonist. Continue reading