Michaeline: How Do You Know?

Is it in his protective stance? Is it in his quick thinking? Or is it in that adorable curly hair? How do you know when it's love? (Via Wikimedia)

Is it in his protective stance? Is it in his quick thinking? Or is it in that adorable curly hair? How do you know when it’s love? (Via Wikimedia)

One of the fun things about blogging is hearing different points of views. When I did my piece on Groundhog Day, I got to see that in action, and I could “see” from those points of view for a little bit. A nice little vacation from my own brain!

I had to agree with Kay that Andie MacDowell is not my favorite actress, and that her character, Rita, was a bit dishraggy. Ie: limp and wet, without much agency. I think Jilly pointed this out, too. It’d be a better story (maybe) if Rita had more power and characterization – but it also might be a different story. The point of Groundhog Day is that many of us live the same days over and over again, without much satisfaction. How can we break that cycle? Rita was part of the cycle, not part of the solution. And I think that’s the way this story has to go. Change must come from within, at least in this story.

I did learn a little bit about love, though, from Rita. Continue reading

Jilly: Did They Live Happily Ever After?

Did They Live Happily Ever AfterWhat makes you feel confident that a relationship will stand the test of time?

Last week my husband and I celebrated a landmark wedding anniversary. You don’t need the numbers – suffice it to say that we were teenagers when we met, and twentysomethings when we tied the knot, so it’s been awhile. Then a few days ago I had lunch with a friend who’s managing the fall-out from two family divorces within the first year of marriage. The juxtaposition set me to thinking about what makes a relationship work – or not – in real life, and how I could use that information to give my fictional characters every chance of a genuine, lasting HEA.

We judge relationships instinctively all the time – for ourselves, for our friends, families and colleagues. How many times have we been introduced to a new ‘other half’ or attended a wedding and thought privately this will never last? Or Continue reading

Michaeline: That Romantic Spark

Love that Lasts with a Touch of Magic

Love that Lasts with a Touch of Magic

I spent some of last week looking for what makes a “happy ever after”. The internet seems to love stories from older couples about how they kept the spark alive, so there were plenty of resources. I couldn’t help thinking, “What makes a couple really work?”

A lightbulb came on for me when I read this from the Huffington Post:

“As one 87-year old told me: ‘Think back to the playground when you were a child. Your spouse should be that other kid you would most like to play with!’”

My hero Hadiz and my heroine Perz don’t share a background – they are from different cultures, are different ages, and heck, they are even different species. But what they love best is Continue reading

Elizabeth: Cliffhanger Cranky

Uh oh, what's going to happen?

Uh oh, what’s going to happen?

We’re well into the month of May, which means television shows are wrapping things up with season ending episodes. I watched one finale just last night for a show that’s a favorite of mine.

It did not leave me a happy viewer.

I may have ranted about the episode a bit once it was over. Possibly again this evening. Why? Because the episode ended with an out-of-the-blue unfulfilling cliffhanger.

We’ve talked before on the blog, as we did in the McDaniel classes, about the contract the writer makes with the reader (viewer) at the beginning of a story Continue reading