Elizabeth: I said, She said

ConflictI’ve been working on revisions lately but, since I’m pretty sure talking about my current process would be about as exciting as watching grass grow, I thought I’d talk about something else today instead.

While the (paraphrased) Hippocratic Oath is “first, do no harm”, my writer’s oath in recent weeks has been “first, have some fun.”   This week that fun turned out to be playing around with POV.

I read a fair amount of cozy mysteries, which have a tendency to be written from the 1st person point of view.  After I finished the last one on Saturday, I decided to take the ongoing detective story that I’ve been writing for our Friday Writing Sprint posts and see how it would work in 1st person.  I’m generally not a big fan of the 1st person POV, but sometimes it’s just what the story needs. Continue reading

Michaeline: I Happen to Like First Person Point of View

A duchesse sitting in front of a mirror holding a book.

How does first person reflect on the writer? How does it draw in the reader? (Image from Wikimedia Commons)

I happen to like the first person point of view. Many of my schoolgirl scribblings were in first person, and so were my favorite novels.

But somewhere along the line, I picked up the idea that first person wasn’t ideal. It was kid stuff, it was for amateurs, it was a bit narcissistic.

So, I started working with tight third person. I kidded myself that it was practically the same, and I got along OK with it, most of the time. Then I started thinking that a single third person POV was also too baby-ish. I wanted to try working with multiple POVs. And that’s where my muses went on strike. Oh, everybody inside my head agreed that multiple POVs, alternating every chapter or some other mystical and complicated schema, would be a grand idea. A rococo drawing room of an idea, full of interesting insights and various opinions. Continue reading