Elizabeth: A Long and Winding Road

winding_roadWhat do Elizabeth Gilbert, my boss at work, and a fortune cookie all have in common?   They’re all reasons why none of the words I wrote this week were for The Traitor, the book I’m supposed to be finishing.

And I couldn’t be happier.

I should probably explain.

It’s all about the ideas

Part of the Writer Reboot plan that I talked about last month was to include some fun in my writing life. Continue reading

Elizabeth: Where Does Writing Fit in Your Life?

writingWhether you’re just starting to write or have been writing for some time, it can be hard to strike a balance between writing and everything else in your life.

At time or another, we’ve all faced the problem of no time/ motivation to write, or just the feeling that our writing wasn’t going where we wanted it to go or with the speed we wanted it to go there. Nancy offered paths and strategies in her recent Ready, Set, Goal! post earlier this month and I talked about finding a writing process that works for you in my Back to Basics – Writing Life post.

Recently, I came across this Facebook post by Elizabeth Gilbert in which she talked about the words Hobby, Job, Career, and Vocation. The post was directed toward those who are seeking purpose and meaning in their lives, but I thought it was a very interesting way to think about writing. Having a clear understanding of where writing fits in your overall life can be very helpful when trying to figure out how and where to focus your time and energy.

Is Writing Your Hobby?

According to the dictionary, a hobby is Continue reading

Elizabeth: What Are You Waiting For?

NewYearWishThis past week I, like many others on the planet, have spent some time thinking about what happened in 2015 and making plans for 2016.

My plan for 2015 was to write and to rediscover the joy of writing that had been lost somewhere in between a bunch of creative writing classes and my first draft manuscript.

So, how did I do?

  • Posted 52 Wednesday and 16 Writing Sprint blog posts right here at Eight Ladies Writing.
  • Completed manuscript #1 and qualified for RWA PRO membership.
  • Completed the draft of manuscript #2 and proved that it really is possible to write 50,000 words in a month.
  • Received a request for a full manuscript from a big-name agent

The best part is that Continue reading

Elizabeth: Will Write for $$$

typewriter_moneyEarlier this week while surfing the internet aimlessly, I came across some writing posts that got me thinking.  In her recent Facebook post, author Elizabeth Gilbert, had this to say about creativity and money:

“Please understand that I have NOTHING against people wanting to make money out of their art. I always wanted to make money out of my art, I always strived to make money out of my art, and now I do make money out of my art, and I am grateful as hell. . . .The reason I always maintained other streams of income was because I never wanted to burden my creativity with the task of providing for me in the material world.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

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Elizabeth: What Did You Read Wednesday?

Girls laying on the grass with booksThe Memorial Day festivities are done, students are graduating from schools around the country, and baseball season is in full swing. That should mean long, sunny days, perfect for any number of outdoor activities, but the weather in my neck of the woods has apparently not gotten the memo. The holiday weekend was cool and windy and there was definite moisture on the windows on my way to work this morning. Hardly conducive to barbeques or yard work, but perfect for curling up with some espresso, a cuddly cat, and a random draw from the To Be Read pile.

Here’s how my reading went: Continue reading

Elizabeth: What are you?

YoungRomanceIt’s Wednesday and normally we’d be talking about what we’ve read over the past month, but that will have to wait until next week; today I have something else to talk about.

This past week I went to a fancy dress-up event for my day job – evening gown, sparkly earrings, professionally styled hair – the whole shebang. One of my co-workers referred to it as “prom for adults” and that’s pretty close. During the meet-and-greet cocktail portion of the evening (thank goodness for the free champagne) I was talking with my brand new manager and mentioned that I generally attend two fancy dress-up events each year – this business-related one, and one personal event. When she asked what the personal event was, our conversation went something like this: Continue reading

Elizabeth: Letting Go

life-is-a-balance-of-holding-on-and-letting-goI never know from week to week what is going to spark an idea for a post – a piece on the news, a conversation, or maybe a snag I’ve hit in my story. This week it was two Facebook posts by best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert that provided my inspiration.

The first was an announcement that she and her husband are selling their successful business Two Buttons. It was her answer, when asked why they were selling, that caught my interest and made me think. Continue reading