Elizabeth: Words of Love

I was randomly perusing the internet earlier today when I came across a site full of images of old-time Valentine cards.  They brought back memories of grammar school where we decorated brown paper lunch bags with hearts and glitter and taped them onto the front of our desks, awaiting the annual delivery of Valentine cards.  The cards came from the dime-store, in a cardboard box, and the night before Valentine’s Day was spent addressing an envelope/card for each classmate (whether we liked them or not).

The cards were often corny, like the image in this post, and the sentiments expressed were not always meant, but it was always fun to open up the little stash of cards, especially those that included a sucker or candy heart in the envelope.

Based on my latest foray to the Hallmark store, Valentine’s cards have evolved a bit over the years, but are still just as popular.  I spent a happy hour perusing the cards which ran the gamut from amusing to treacle-sweet, with a few oddities in between.  I was actually at the store to get some birthday cards, but it was fun trying to decide which of the Valentine cards my fictional characters might give one another.

It was more difficult than I thought. Continue reading

Jilly: Listening to Song Lyrics

26194894_sDo you pay much attention to song lyrics?

When I’m spinning my wheels and my Girls need a hit of inspiration but I don’t have time to read a book or watch a movie, I treat myself to a blast of music. Pop songs. Ones with brilliant, dazzling, word-candy lyrics. The kind I’d never include on a writing playlist because I’d get distracted trying to deconstruct how the writer created such a vivid mind-picture with just a few deft lines. I put the ipod on shuffle, fire up the coffee-maker, and take a trip into the song-writer’s story world. Ten minutes to half an hour later I’m refreshed and ready to get back to work.

In no particular order, here’s a selection of story-songs that never fail to fire my imagination: Continue reading

Elizabeth: Favourite Romantic Songs

Swan Lake sheet music from myspace.com

Swan Lake sheet music from myspace.com

I generally listen to the radio as I commute to and from work each day. Although at this time of year Christmas songs predominate, I’ve been focusing my listening on songs of the non-Christmas variety. Why? Because I’ve been trying to find a song.

Several months ago, I heard a song on the radio when I was out and about. Later, when I tried to remember it, I drew a complete blank on the name and the artist. All I could remember was that the song was romantic and the singer was a guy. Not a lot to go on, even for my family who excels at being able to zero in on the answers to my often vaguely worded queries. With nothing to go on, I eventually gave up trying to find the song. Continue reading