Nancy: Happy Holidays!

Danish Christmas Hearts

From all of us here at 8LW, to all who celebrate the season, Merry Christmas!

Today, I’m spending the day with lots of family, drinking Aquavit, and enjoying a traditional Danish kolde bord, which literally translates to cold table and involves almost every imaginable ingredient to make amazing open faced sandwiches. And beer. Lots of good, dark beer.

I’ll be back next week with my contribution to this year’s Christmas short story challenge. Spoiler: there are flamingoes. And guns. And a hot guy – because of course! That means we’ll hold our January accountability thread on January 8, and we’ll add a discussion of our 2018 goals. In the meantime, if you’ve had your fill of Hallmark holiday movies and have watched all of the classics but still have a hankering for something holiday-themed and fun to watch, I’ll recommend two of our family favorites that aren’t as well known as some of the stories we’ve discussed on the blog: Olive, the Other Reindeer (available on Amazon Prime), and A Wish for Wings That Work (starring Opus the Penguin and Bill the Cat! and available on Netflix).

Joy and peace to all, and I’ll see you on the other side of 2017!

Nancy: Lost Hearts in Copenhagen – A Christmas Vignette

Danish Christmas Hearts

Danish Christmas Hearts

Happy holidays, all! This is my contribution to the Eight Ladies 2015 Christmas canon featuring words from Elizabeth’s writing sprints holiday edition. I’m picking up Nicky O’s story, the day after his arrest in Copenhagen Blues, which you can read here. It just so happens that this day is Christmas Eve, the main day of celebration in Denmark, and things are looking up for Nick. Or are they? (And sorry about the dead body, Elizabeth.)

The sun was setting over a misty Copenhagen on Christmas Eve. Smoldering streetlamps and twinkling Christmas lights cast equally eerie glows over the deserted streets on this high holy day of family celebrations. The rhythmic rocking of the nearly-empty mass transit bus made Nick Olesen’s eyes drift shut.

He’d spent a long, sleepless night in a police station cell and had only been released two hours earlier, after the seemingly airtight case against him for murder had fallen apart. The lead detective, who also happened to be Nick’s married lover, had whispered to him on the way out the door that she’d explain it all later. He hated himself for hanging not on her promise to explain how he’d just beaten a murder rap, but on her word that she’d sneak away from her husband to meet with him sometime over the holiday. Continue reading