Michaeline: Random Thoughts of May

Young Japanese woman holding an umbrella, biting on a scarf.

Hiroshige’s Spring Night, under the cherry blossoms, in a driving rain. Image via Wikimedia Commons

May is such a great time of year, in the northern hemisphere. Spring is almost here in my little latitude. The cherry blossoms are blooming, people are picnicking, and the trees are all that lovely fresh color of green, just before they put on their summer frocks. Call it lingerie green – the slip just before the grand unfolding.

Meanwhile, down in the southern hemisphere, it must be a little bit like David Bowie’s “Warszawa”. Gloomy, lonely, maybe with just that little bit of snow, speeding towards an inevitable winter.

Flip of the globe, flip of the coin. Whatcha gonna do? It’d be a funny old world if we lost a whole hemisphere because Continue reading